12.12.1 – 2012-Dec – Features, Enhancements and Bugfixes

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These are the features, enhancements and bugfixes included in ChartAlert version 12.12.1, which was released in December 2012.

12.12.1 – Advanced Scanner

  1. Create and run a group of multiple scans at a time; option to view merged or individual output reports.
  2. Run multiple scans >> option to view symbols that appear in all scans, or only in some scans.
  3. Run multiple scans >> option to add to existing or create new WatchLists from multiple scan results.
  4. Extract historical values of data or indicators for a symbol using the ‘List Data’ phrase.
  5. Ability to apply a scan to a set of symbols using the ‘Apply to Symbol1, Symbol2…’ phrase.
  6. New functions available – SuperTrend, Keltner Channels, Keltner Channels (ATR), Slope, Slope Best Fit Line.
  7. (Enhancement) Three font sizes available to view list of scans in the LHS Navigation Panel.
  8. (Enhancement) Help menu provides links to flash-based demos.

12.12.1 – Charting/ Technical Indicator

Keltner Channel and ATR-based Keltner Channel can now be plotted on charts.

12.12.1 – Charting/ Line Studies

Linear Channels and Semi-Log Channels (same as parallel trendlines) can now be drawn on charts.

12.12.1 – Charting/ Chart Reset

Short-cut (Ctrl+0) helps reset an open chart to display default number of bars.

12.12.1 – WebUpdate

Option to change primary download server, from where E-o-D daily data files are downloaded for WebUpdate.

12.12.1 – Bugfixes

Bugs detected (and reported) in the previous versions have been fixed in this Upgrade Version.