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Get a sneak peek into the future of ChartAlert as we share our vision and roadmap of upcoming software releases, and stay informed about the latest features and improvements that are aimed at enhancing your user experience.

Factors that impact timely future releases

We are fully dedicated to delivering high-quality software that aligns with your expectations.

We diligently work on an extensive list of feature requests received from all of you. However, these requests often lead to adjustments in our development schedule, with some features taking precedence while others are rescheduled.

While this approach allows us to address evolving needs, it can introduce complexities. Despite our best efforts, we occasionally encounter unforeseen challenges during development, affecting our ability to adhere to the timelines we communicate individually.

We acknowledge the importance of having clear timelines but regret that we cannot provide definitive timeframes for all features. We can only commit to keeping you updated with a more precise schedule as it becomes feasible.

In the meantime, we sincerely appreciate your understanding, ongoing support, and patience.

Click here to get access to the password-protected page.

The password is a 10-character Serial Number / Key that is mentioned in the WebUpdate dialog in ChartAlert.

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