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The features and editions of ChartAlert are listed below.

ChartAlert FeaturesLITE/RTE EditionPRO Edition
Available!Coming in the future!
1. Charting
2. Masks
1. Basic Advisory Content
2. Market Reports
3. Premium Advisory ContentComing!
1. Basic Scanner
2. Advanced Scanner
3. RS Matrix and Trend Matrix
4. Trading Systems Builder
5. Backtester
A subscription to ChartAlert includes end-of-day data … NSE/ BSE/ MCX/ NCDEX/ NSE Currencies/ Select Global data.
1. End-of-Day Data
A subscription to ChartAlert does not include real-time data … MetaStock/ MetaRefresher need not be installed on your computer to receive 3rd party real-time data.
1. Chart 3rd party real-time data streaming in MetaStock format MetaRefresher mode
2. Manually scan 3rd party real-time data via the Advanced Scanner
3. Chart 3rd party real-time data streaming via 3rd party API-based pluginsComing!Coming!
4. Set Alerts or Auto-Scan via the Advanced ScannerComing!Coming!
5. Manually scan or Auto-Scan via the Basic ScannerComing!Coming!
6. Auto-Scan for Chart Patterns, Harmonic Patterns, P&F and Renko Patterns via the Basic Scanner and Advanced ScannerComing!Coming!
1. Options ModuleComing!

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