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ChartAlert ships with a scanning engine that allows end-users to scan asset market data, that resides on their computer hard drive, in two ways . . .

  • the simple Basic Scanner
  • the more powerful Advanced Scanner

Basic Scanner

The Basic Scanner is a user-friendly menu-driven stock screener or scanner that comes with various Factory Scans covering diverse areas such as Candlesticks, classical Chart patterns, Harmonics, P&F patterns, Renko patterns, Moving Averages, Technical Indicators, and proprietary Trading Systems.

With its simple menu-driven interface, the Basic Scanner is easy to navigate and use. Users can effortlessly copy and modify the parameters of the Factory Scans, enabling them to create customized scans for their specific needs.

However, it’s important to note that the Basic Scanner has limitations. It does not allow the creation of completely new scans or complex scan algorithms due to its menu-driven interface.

Advanced Scanner

The Advanced Scanner is a stock screener or scanner that utilizes a scripting language. It comes with multiple Factory Scans covering various schools of technical analysis, similar to the Basic Scanner.

The Advanced Scanner interface features a built-in Text Editor, which facilitates the creation of scans using a user-friendly scripting language in English.

With the Advanced Scanner, you have the option to duplicate and modify the parameters of existing Factory Scans for reuse. Additionally, you can create entirely new custom scans, including complex ones.

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