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Basic Advisory ContentMarket Information & Prospecting Reports

ChartAlert ships with a reporting module that allows end-users to access two kinds of reports . . .

  • the Basic Advisory Content (Advisory Reports)
  • the Market Information & Prospecting Reports

Basic Advisory Content

ChartAlert’s Basic Advisory Content comprises a range of advisories tailored for both full-time and part-time traders. These advisories cover various trading strategies, including day trading, short-term, medium-term, and long-term approaches, as well as position and swing trading strategies.

Additionally, it provides two real-time snapshot reports based on pivot points. These reports are issued at approximately 11:15 AM and 2:15 PM. Furthermore, there is a 1-stock snapshot report named “View-by-Company” and a multi-stock snapshot report called “MyRoutine.” Lastly, the Basic Advisory Content also includes daily, weekly, and monthly trading ranges.

While most of the reports mentioned above are updated daily after market trading hours, the weekly and monthly trading ranges are updated at the end of the week and month, respectively. This ensures the availability of accurate information for trading in the upcoming week and month.

Market Information & Prospecting Reports

The Market Reports in ChartAlert are reporting templates that show stock market data in an . . .

  • as-is format (Market Information Reports)
  • value-added format (Market Prospecting Reports)

In the Market Information Reports, information display typically includes . . .

  • Open, High, Low, Close, Change, Volume;
  • Weekly Open, Weekly High, Weekly Low, Weekly Close, Weekly Change, Weekly Volume;
  • OpPr-Open, OpPr-High, OpPr-Low, OpPr-Close (Option Premium), Volume, Open Interest, Contracts (F&O);
  • Gainers and Losers;
  • Market Depth and Breadth;
  • Delivery Statistics;
  • 5-, 10-, 21-, 50-, and 200-day Moving Averages;
  • 52-week High and Low;
  • Index and Sectoral Component Trends;
  • Price Performance reports varying from 1-day to 24 months

Market Prospecting Reports provide concise end-of-day summaries of the day’s market activity and offer insights into future trends. These reports aim to identify stocks with significant potential for substantial gains in the short term, while also highlighting trends in both the cash and derivatives market.

Market Prospecting Reports are daily reports that have been designed with the following objectives . . .

  1. Analyze daily market activity to predict near-term trends for market indices, stocks, and sectors.
  2. Identify tradeable MultiCap stocks with high potential for significant near-term gains based on technical parameters.
  3. Screen sectoral indices to pinpoint tradeable stocks within those sectors that show promise in the near-term.
  4. Identify trending stocks based on price, volume, and deliveries over the past trading week.
  5. Monitor institutional buying and selling trends.
  6. Determine changes in open interest and price behavior for near-month index and stock futures in relation to the cash market. Identify futures that closed at a premium or discount to the underlying cash market.
  7. Identify near-month index and stock options with arbitrage opportunities due to abnormal pricing compared to the underlying cash market.
  8. Compile a list of stocks that have been buzzing in the past week and month, including some scorching small-cap stocks in the past week.

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