A subscription to ChartAlert includes historical and end-of-day daily data

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Before you can look at any advisory report, or market report, or a chart or a scan, you must have data – Price and Volume Data.

End-of-Day Data

ChartAlert subscription offers access to historical data and end-of-day daily data for stocks, derivatives, commodities, and more. The data becomes available a few hours after market trading hours.

The end-of-day data is stored on your computer’s hard drive and is used for charting, reporting, and scanning within ChartAlert.

The Real-Time-Enabled (RTE) Feature in Chartlert

ChartAlert does not have its own native real-time data feed. However, it is designed to read real-time data from third-party sources, with some limitations.

ChartAlert can receive and display flicker-free tick-by-tick real-time data from third-party data vendors in MetaStock® format, using the MetaRefresher® mode. Please note that eSignal® format and AmiBroker® format real-time data cannot be read by ChartAlert.

While the Advanced Scanner can manually scan the streaming data, it is not currently possible to set alerts or enable auto-scanning. The Basic Scanner does not function with the streaming data.

Additionally, Chart Patterns, Harmonics, Point-and-Figure Patterns, and Renko Patterns cannot be scanned in the MetaStock® format with the MetaRefresher® mode.

Please be aware that the real-time-enabled edition of ChartAlert is planned to include all of the aforementioned features. These features will be released in phases in the future.

Data Testing / Maintenance

The software includes a data testing and maintenance feature, which helps identify errors in data files and ensures smooth operation of ChartAlert.

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