How to download and install end-of-day Historical Data

This post is about the slideshow related to downloading and installing end-of-day historical datasets that are available with an Evaluation Trial or a Subscription Plan of ChartAlert

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After you have successfully activated ChartAlert on your computer, you can download and install the historical datasets that come with a ChartAlert subscription.

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How to download/ install/ activate/ re-activate ChartAlert

This post is about the slideshows related to downloading, installing and activating ChartAlert on your computer

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After you buy a 4-week Evaluation Trial or a Subscription Plan by making a successful secure online payment transaction via an encrypted high-end secure payment gateway provided by CCAvenue, an email is sent automatically from our webserver to your Email ID with the download, installation and activation instructions.

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Buy Now!

This post is about the slideshow related to signing up and creating an account before buying an Evaluation Trial or a Subscription Plan of ChartAlert

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Thank you for your interest in the one-time-only 4-wk Evaluation Trial or a Subscription Plan of ChartAlert.

The purpose of a 4wkET is to let you test-drive ChartAlert, a charting, research & advisory reporting, and scanning software, for a period of 4.33 weeks or 30 days.

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Data Testing & Maintenance

This post is about the slideshows related to testing data files for error conditions and/or limiting the no. of output reports to maintain efficiency in the working of ChartAlert

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If you ever run into a technical snag, which is usually rare, then the Data Testing & Maintenance feature comes in handy to help pinpoint the snag and solve it.

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Window Layouts

This post is about the slideshows related to the Window Layouts features such as cascading and tiling and saving in ChartAlert

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This is a WindowsOS-driven UI/UX feature in ChartAlert that allows for the following . . .

  • Store multiple charts and/or reports as a Window Layout
  • Remember window locations and sizes and restore them when opened
  • Remember the state of the Chart Studies, Line Studies, Price Overlays
  • Customizable with different charts, reports, windows, etc
  • View favourite charts or reports without having to repeatedly open/ resize/ move windows to the locations you are accustomed to
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WatchLists / MyFavourites

This post is about the slideshows and demo videos related to creating an unlimited no. of MyFav / WatchLists and using them for charting and scanning in ChartAlert

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Create unlimited number of WatchLists with up to 500 symbols per WatchList.

The following features are available to use in ChartAlert . . .

  • Drag-and-drop symbols between WatchLists
  • Add to WatchLists from open charts and/or reports
  • Remove from WatchLists via open charts and/or reports
  • Rename/ Delete/ Merge WatchLists
  • Scan WatchLists for trading opportunities
  • Use WatchLists to build Custom Indices
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Hello, India!

This featured post is about ChartAlert, a Real-Time-Enabled and End-of-Day Technical Analysis Advisory, Charting and Scanning Desktop Software

3 minutes

ChartAlert® is a Microsoft® Windows® compatible Real-Time-Enabled and End-of-Day Technical Analysis Advisory, Charting and Scanning Desktop Software that complements your trading and investing needs.

ChartAlert features three seamless modules.

1. The Charting module includes Charting and Masks.

2. The Reporting module includes Basic Advisory Content and Market Reports.

3. The Scanning module includes Basic Scanner, Advanced Scanner, RS Matrix & Trend Matrix, Trading Systems Builder and the Backtester.

Listed below are some highlights of ChartAlert.

1. Charting & Scanning

2. Stock Scanner or Stock Screener

3. Reporting

4. Algos or Quants7

User experience – what to expect whilst using ChartAlert.

  • Analyze data effectively using advanced features and functions for valuable insights and effortless decision-making.
  • Easily navigate and learn with the user-friendly interface, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operations.
  • Customize features, reports, charts, and scans to meet your specific needs, enhancing value and user experience through collaborative design.
  • Access extensive “Help” files with learning references, detailed guides, and comprehensive documentation showcasing CASL’s capabilities.
  • ChartAlert swiftly updates and scans data using multiple threads for improved performance. It will cater to real-time and high-frequency scanning needs in the future.
  • Receive software updates, enhanced functionality, and new features at no extra cost, including access to updated versions during a 4-week evaluation trial.
  • Get unparalleled support for any difficulties you may encounter, with email responses within 24 hours and dedicated attention to complex issues within 48 hours.

ChartAlert provides significant long-term benefits that greatly outweigh its affordable cost of ₹19 per day.

A subscription to ChartAlert includes End-of-Day Data that covers NSE Stocks, Futures and Index Options; BSE Stocks; NSE Currency Derivatives; MCX and NCDEX Commodities; and limited Global data.

ChartAlert is Real-Time-Enabled to chart & scan 3rd party real-time data.

Take a look at the dozens of Slideshows/Videos that showcase nearly all of the features mentioned above, or browse through the Frequently Asked Questions, or know more About Us.

Have a query you want answered? Get in touch with us!

 See value? 
 Consider a 4wkET. 

A 4-week Evaluation Trial (4wkET) to evaluate ChartAlert is available.

The 4wkET lets you test-drive ChartAlert for a period of 30 days, and the membership privileges include unrestricted access on a timely basis to all our Indian stock market reports, stock charts, commodities charts, factory scans, or write your own custom scans to exploit trading and investing opportunities available in the asset markets. Learn more about the 4wkET.

 Already a subscriber? 
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Thank you for subscribing to ChartAlert! As a current subscriber, you can renew at discounted renewal subscription charges. Do remember to read our blog posts to know more about the various features and aspects that come with ChartAlert, or sign up in the sidebar to get notified by email.