Trading Systems Mask

This post is about the slideshows related to the Trading Systems Mask – proprietary trading systems screened, ranked and shipped by ChartAlert – that can backtest and display automated Buy/Sell signals on the chart

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Factory or proprietary Trading Systems – shipped with ChartAlert – are a collection of powerful analytical algorithms that contain complete trading rules to keep you informed about the current technical status of a symbol.

There are 6 factory trading systems for short-term, and 4 factory trading systems for medium-term time-frames.

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Trading Systems Builder | Backtester

This post is about the slideshows related to ‘writing’ and creating your own Trading Systems and backtesting them in ChartAlert

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Custom Trading Systems – based on your own custom algorithms – can be written and backtested to study the current technical status and/or overall trading performance of a symbol.

The custom trading systems can be run on any time-frame . . . daily or weekly, short- or medium-term, etc. , and the custom trading system mask can also display automated Buy and Sell signals on the chart.

Backtesting these custom trading systems will also generate a lot of performance stats that can be used to help tweak your custom trading systems.

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