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The Advanced Scanner offers all Factory Scans from the Basic Scanner and additional features.

Factory Scans are pre-written scans included with ChartAlert that help you understand how to create a custom scan for your needs.

The following list highlights the shared features and the distinguishing characteristics of the Basic Scanner and the Advanced Scanner.

Basic Scanner/ ScreenerAdvanced Scanner/ Screener
1. The interface is menu-driven, allowing end-users to modify scan parameters without altering the underlying scan itself.1. Users can write or modify scans using a script-based interface.
2. ChartAlert includes pre-loaded Factory Scans, which also serve as examples for creating scans.
3. End-users can make copies of the Factory Scans and modify parameters for reuse.
4. New scans cannot be created.4. The scripting language enables the creation of new scans.
5. Complex scan algorithms cannot be created.5. Complex scan algorithms can be written using the scripting language.
6. Scans cannot be run across segments, meaning Candlestick, Technical Indicator, or other scan algorithms cannot be combined and executed.6. Scans can be run across segments by combining and executing Candlestick, Technical Indicator, and other scan algorithms.
7. It is not possible to create Relative Strength Scans or RS Matrix Scans.7. The scripting language allows the creation of Relative Strength Scans and RS Matrix Scans.

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