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This post is about the slideshows and demo videos related to the Basic Scanner in ChartAlert that offers customizable but menu-driven scanning/screening algorithms to scan for bullish and bearish signals

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The Basic Scanner in ChartAlert is a menu-driven scanning engine that ships with several Factory Scans across diverse schools of technical analysis such as . . .

  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Chart Patterns (classical)
  • Harmonic Patterns
  • P&F Patterns
  • Renko Patterns

The Basic Scanner also includes old school or traditional technical analysis studies such as . . .

  • Moving Average Scans
  • Technical Indicator Scans

ChartAlert also ships with Factory or proprietary Trading Systems that contain complete trading rules to keep you informed about the current technical status of a particular symbol.

There are 6 factory Trading Systems for short-term, and 4 factory Trading Systems for medium-term time-frames. The Trading Systems generate automated Buy and Sell signals, and are screened and ranked by ChartAlert, for approximately 45% all cash stocks listed on the NSE.

All of the Basic Scanner Factory Scans that ship with ChartAlert serve the following purposes . . .

  1. Examples of scans that can be created in the Basic Scanner
  2. Allow an the end-user to copy and modify the parameters of the scans to suit custom preferences

Part 1: Setting up a New Screener – 15 slides

Part 2: Running a New Screener – 8 slides

Running an Existing Screener – 3 slides

Filters in a Scan/Screener Report – 3 slides

Save a Scan Report; Open an Existing Scan Report – 7 slides

Custom Scans: Copy/Edit a Factory Scan – 15 slides

Adding Scans/Filters to MyFavourites – 13 slides

Renaming/Deleting a Screener – 9 slides

Creating a Custom Group to Scan – 15 slides

Also see related videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTubeTime in mm:ss
Basic Scanner – Technical Indicator Scans10:42
Basic Scanner – Candlestick Scans6:52
Basic Scanner – Point & Figure Scans10:23
Basic Scanner – Chart Pattern Scans10:34
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