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This post is about the slideshows related to (i) working with multiple instances of a chart, (ii) creating custom charts (a.k.a. MyCharts), and (iii) sync’ing X-axis of multiple charts for analysis in ChartAlert

1 minute

Open multiple instances of the same chart for a variety of ways of analyzing that same chart.

The following is possible . . .

  • Create and view (simultaneously) the same symbol – say, ACC – with different templates — say, Moving Averages, Technical Analysis Studies, etc — plotted on multiple instances of the same symbol
  • Tile multiple charts of the same symbol vertically or horizontally for analysis
  • Synchronize x-axis of multiple charts for left-and-right scrolling
  • Save multiple charts to a single Workspace

The Sync X-axis feature allows you to analyze multiple instances of the same chart, or several charts that are simultaneously open, by sync’ing their X-axis.

  • Synchronize the x-axis – time-scale – of multiple charts to enable synchronized left-and-right scrolling of the chart
  • Synchronized charts can be scrolled via Tile Vertical and Tile Horizontal windows options

Multiple Instances of a Chart/Symbol – Incl: Open (tab) Chart in a new window – 15 slides

Create/Open Custom Charts (MyCharts) – 9 slides

Synchronize Multiple Charts for Horizontal Scrolling and Zooming – 15 slides

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