Charts (Charting)

This post is about the slideshows and demo videos related to charts and the charting feature in ChartAlert

1 minute

The chart types available in ChartAlert are . . .

  • OHLC Bar
  • Candlestick
  • Line
  • Median Price
  • Typical Price
  • Weighted Price
  • EquiVolume
  • CandleVolume
  • Heikin-Ashi

The noiseless chart types include . . .

  • Kagi
  • Point & Figure
  • Renko
  • Three Line Break

Opening a Chart – 15 slides

The Basic Elements – 10 slides

Chart Overlays: Price-by-Volume, Volume, Delivery Volume, All-time and 52-week Highs/Lows; Chart Type

X-axis and Y-axis – 15 slides

Reset Y-axis, Show All Data, Reset Data, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Box – 8 slides

Data Window – 4 slides

Chart Periodicity, Logarithmic and Linear Scale – 7 slides

Headers: Edit, Restore, Delete, Maximize, Minimize – 6 slides

The Right-click Menu – 12 slides

Tabs: Cash/ Spot/ Futures/ Heikin-Ashi/ Relative Performance or Relative Strength Charts; View-by-Company – 15 slides

Also see related videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTubeTime in mm:ss
Chart Types0:35
Chart Periodicity0:27
The X-axis0:33
The Y-axis0:50
Price/ Bar/ Price-Bar Counter0:49
Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Box0:16
Themes, colors, styles in Charting0:23
The Charting Toolbar1:02
Auto-Scroll and Manual Scroll2:12
Training Mode / Replay3:02
Side-by-side Report/Chart1:06
4-Level Sector Classification0:47
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