Technical Analysis (C@W) Mask

This post is about the slideshows and demo videos related to the Chartist@Work Mask – a pattern detection algorithm in ChartAlert – that displays classic TA features, viz., trendlines, channels, supports and resistances, across short- medium- and long-term time-frames

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The following classical technical analysis features are automatically detected – based on algorithms – and displayed as a Mask on the chart . . .

  • Auto-Trendlines
  • Price Channels
  • Auto-Supports
  • Auto-Resistances

The above objects are usually plotted for the following time-frames . . .

  • Short-term
  • Medium-term
  • Long-term

Chartist@Work Technical Analysis Mask – 5 slides

Also see related videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTubeTime in mm:ss
Chartist@Work Mask0:37
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