Training with ChartAlert

This post is about the slideshows and demo videos related to the training module that lets you replay the market to learn and train and practice with technical analysis in ChartAlert

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ChartAlert comes with a replay data or training module that enables the following . . .

  • Go back in time and replay the market movement
  • Learn and practice Technical Analysis by training with charts
  • Simulate real-world conditions by manually adding 1- or 5-bars at a time
  • Hands-free mode . . . an in-built timer that adds/removes n-bars at a time
  • Train at your own pace with a random or specific chart
  • Close a training session and resume again after a few days . . . ChartAlert remembers your training session parameters
  • To help learn and practice, all TA features (Bar/ Line/ Candlesticks/ Kagi/ P&F/ Renko/ Three Line Break/ Technical Indicators/ Moving Averages/ Line Studies) remain enabled in the training mode

Train with charts – Includes manual and hands-free controls – 18 slides

Also see related videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTubeTime in mm:ss
Training Mode / Replay3:02
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