“Bullish Bat” Harmonic Pattern Stock Screener

The Bullish Bat harmonic pattern is a technical analysis pattern that helps traders identify potential trend reversal points by using Fibonacci ratios and geometric shapes, providing them with entry and exit signals for more informed trading decisions

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This post focuses on customizable factory scans associated with Bullish Bat harmonic pattern, which can be edited, modified, or rewritten and then scanned using ChartAlert’s native stock screener or technical analysis scanner, namely the Basic Scanner and Advanced Scanner.

Display recent bullish Bat harmonic patterns


List symbols where pattern is Bat Bullish

Add Column Bat Bullish Status as Status
Add Column Bat Bullish Target as Target
Add Column Bat Bullish Date as Date

Apply to NSE


This scan is designed to identify NSE symbols that have exhibited a recent Bullish Bat harmonic pattern.

The resulting scan output report also provides information on the pattern’s present status, such as whether it has been confirmed or remains unconfirmed, and whether the target level associated with the pattern has been reached.

Additionally, the report includes the target level itself and the date on which the pattern was triggered.

Confirmed bullish Bat harmonic patterns

List symbols where pattern is BatBull
and BatBullStatus = Confirmed

Add Column BatBullStatus as Status
Add Column BatBullTarget as Target
Add Column BatBullDt as Date
Add Column PatternName

Apply to NSE


This scan code exclusively looks for the presence of a confirmed Bullish Bat harmonic pattern.

For insights into the Bullish Bat harmonic pattern, including the structure of the pattern, the psychology underlying it, how to trade the pattern, as well as an exploration of its advantages and limitations as a tool, click here.