Relative Strength Charts, P&F Relative Strength Matrix, P&F Trend Matrix

This post is about the slideshows and demo videos related to (i) building Ratio or Relative Strength charts, and (ii) scanning and building the RS Matrix and the Trend Matrix in ChartAlert

1 minute

The following relative strength pairs (or ratio charts) can be created, charted and scanned in ChartAlert . . .

  • Symbol vs Symbol
  • Symbol vs Index
  • Symbol vs Custom Index
  • Symbol vs Sector
  • Sector vs Index
  • Sector vs Custom Index
  • Sector vs Sector
  • Index vs Index
  • Custom Index vs Custom Index

The RS pairs can also be scanned to create the following matrices . . .

  • Point-and-Figure-based Relative Strength Matrix
  • Point-and-Figure-based Trend Matrix

Relative Strength Charts – 16 slides

Point & Figure Relative Strength Matrix – 14 slides

Point & Figure Trend Matrix – 12 slides

P&F Relative Strength Matrix via Advanced Scanner – 22 slides

P&F Relative Strength Buy/Sell Signals via Advanced Scanner – 12 slides

Also see related videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTubeTime in mm:ss
Relative Strength Charts2:31
Relative Strength Matrix4:01
Trend Matrix4:04
Advanced Scanner + Relative Strength7:16
Advanced Scanner + Relative Strength Matrix7:35
BX BO SO SX – Relative Strength2:22
Relative Strength Workspace (P&F-based)3:30
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