Import WatchList from an external TXT or CSV file

This post is about the slideshows and demo videos related to creating WatchLists by importing from external files and using them for charting or scanning in ChartAlert

1 minute

Import and create WatchLists – with multiple symbols per WatchList – based on an external TXT or CSV file.

Symbol/ exchange/ contract term can be imported if the external file contains the list of symbols in a valid format.

The other highlights and features of MyFav / WatchLists are . . .

  • Create unlimited number of WatchLists with up to 500 symbols per WatchList.
  • Drag-and-drop symbols between WatchLists
  • Add to WatchLists from open charts and/or reports
  • Remove from WatchLists via open charts and/or reports
  • Rename/ Delete/ Merge WatchLists
  • Scan WatchLists for trading opportunities
  • Use WatchLists to build Custom Indices

Importing an External WatchList – 11 slides

Also see related videos on YouTube

Videos on YouTubeTime in mm:ss
Importing WatchLists1:39
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